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For more than 100 years, Weisse & Eschrich Drahtgewebefabriken GmbH has been one of the leading producers of technical wire mesh for various industries. Our wire mesh is used in the automotive sector, the aerospace industry, engineering, electronics and pharmaceutical/medical branches.

We offer a broad range of wire mesh in any kind of specification and material as well as special customized products for customer needs. At present we stock more than 6000 different mesh types for immediate delivery to our customers worldwide.

Together with clients and suppliers we develop made-to-measure solutions, special applications and ready-to-use products.

We are happy to provide you with a detailed quotation.

On the ball – for more than 100 years

  • Made in Germany
  • More than 6000 mesh dimensions constantly in stock
  • Over-night express delivery if desired

Weisse & Eschrich in 90 Seconds

Our products

Today, our wire meshes are used in a wide variety of different sectors and fields. Our products are used in electrical technology and mechanical engineering, in screen printing and in the chemical and medical technology sector and many more.

Bronze Wiremesh

for the Semper opera – city of Dresden

Company Management

and History

Initially Bernhard Weisse started his enterprise as a wire trading company in 1914.

Only a short time later the first mechanical loom started running – this was the starting point for Weisse & Eschrich wire mesh. Due to the exceptional high quality and dependability from the start, demand was constantly rising.


From wire to mesh

warping – looming - weaving

A brief weaving lesson

According to the demands of our customers we use every weavable metal and synthetic wires with diameters ranging from 0,018 mm up to 5 mm.

Mesh size / Fineness of filtration:
Mesh size (aperture) of wire cloth between 0,02 mm and 20,0 mm (woven wire mesh) and 6 – 200 mm (crimped wire mesh)
Dutch weave with a fineness of filtration of 5 μm to 350 μm

Width of wire mesh rolls:
8 mm — 3.400 mm
This results in a wide range of different mesh types, which is topped off by the offer of custom-made products for our clients.

Woven Know-How

Tradition in weaving for more than 100 years

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

„The weaver determines the cloth!“

We manufacture on modern computer-controlled machines, using best materials and ideal working conditions.

But in the end it is the human being that has the determining influence upon the quality of the finished product.
Only the optimal combination of the worker and the machine empowers us to reach and surpass our quality claims.
Because of this, we always invest in both: the advanced training of our employees and the constant modernization of our machines. That way we keep our innovative capacity to the fore.

We work certified!


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