The Weisse & Eschrich high-class meshes are used as classical filter mediums due their robustness, corrosion and hear resistance as well as their sturdy and consistent mesh and pores. The guarantees perfect filter fineness and best water/air flow rates.

There are a huge number of different applications. The use of optimized materials and suitable mesh types is very important for the proper function of the filters.

According your demand
We produce filter and filter elements according drawings from our customers. For the manufacturing we use mainly our modern machine park and occasionally some partner firms of our network. We are weaving our filter mesh from very fine (8μm) up to very course (1200 μm). Materials are galvanized- or stainless steel, synthetics ( Polyamid, Polyester, Polyethylen, Polyprobylen) or high alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals.

Cutting to size
Cutting is by means of punching, Plasma-Laser cutting and/or by Water-Jet cutting. Welding is generally made with ultra-wave welding.

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