For customer inside of the Heat-Treatment Industry we have developed a special mesh with heat resistance up to 1150 C°. This mesh enables the manufacturing of accurate and low-warpage chargier baskets. We either supply just this particular mesh or the ready-to-use item for the heat-treatment industry or for other innovative concepts inside the business.

Heat and abrasion resistance
The rolls, stripes or ready-to-use baskets are heat-resistant up to 1150 C°.

Individual custom-made products
Do you need the chargier baskets single or double layered, folded or/and welded?
We manufacture according your demand.

We are cutting to size:

According our customers demand and/or drawing with modern CNC - Plasma Cutting Plant

Fast - precise - economical   -  Please ask for further info/Quotation!


Laser cutting is also becoming an increasingly important process at Weisse & Eschrich. Compared to other cutting technologies such as plasma or water jet cutting, the laser cut is unbeatable in terms of speed and precision, especially when it comes to very delicate wire-mesh.

Using a laser beam, a beam of bundled light particles (photons), and the appropriate configuration of the system, wire mesh can be cut very cleanly, which guarantees extreme dimensional accuracy and better reproducibility of cuts - qualities that are of great importance in industrial production.

Even non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and brass can be processed without any problems, although there are hardly any restrictions in terms of the minimum thickness of the material when laser cutting.

The video example makes it clear how individual and filigree work can be done here and what profit the laser cutting technology offers:

• large amounts of material can be cut quickly and efficiently, saving time and money
• very precise and safe process with hardly any deformation or distortion of the material
• better quality of end products and minimized risk of injuries


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