The wires are delivered on spools and the width of the wire mesh defines the number of warp-wires. They are then re- wounded on a barrel and after that the barrel is placed in the loom.



Every single warp-wire is loomed manually into the mounting. For a width of 2 meters (with a wire diameter of 0,025 mm) up to 40.000 wires can be needed.



After placing the barrel and mounting in the loom the weaving process starts. Depending on the length and number of wires, the process can take several hours, days, even weeks.

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After finishing the weaving process, we continue processing according to our customers' needs. Besides several methods of treating the cloth such as tempering, calendering or fabric folding, we offer numerous kinds of pre-cutting:

  • rolls
  • stripes
  • stamped
  • ready-to-use screens , if desired with PU-wear-stripes
  • multi-layered screens

We want to fulfil all our customers' needs

A good network of strong partners in other industries empowers us to meet even very special needs. No matter if it is technical sieving, filter inserts and elements made of stainless steel or plastic, punched or injected moulded parts.
We will identify solutions – with our clients – for our clients!

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