Current effects of the pandemic on our ability to deliver

10. November 2020

Update on the effects of the corona virus on the transports from our wire suppliers and to our customers


All freight forwarders and parcel services commissioned by Weisse & Eschrich are currently working without restrictions. The protective measures have obviously taken effect. Freight traffic to most risk areas is still possible. However, freight-checks occasionally lead to long waiting times at the borders.

Please plan longer runtimes as a precaution! As our client, we would like to ask you only give us orders, which you can actually and physically accept. It is not possible for us to store undeliverable shipments over a longer period of time with the delivery company. We would have to return undeliverable items for a fee and, if necessary, deliver and charge again for it. We will keep you up to date on the latest developments below:

European supply chains are increasingly recovering after the restrictions have been eased. The departure frequencies to most countries are only minimally restricted. The runtimes have mostly normalized.

This information reflects our current state of knowledge and is constantly changing. We do not accept any liability for the information

The corona pandemic and the associated official and economic restrictions can lead to disruptions and delays in carrying out the transports you have commissioned. This applies in particular to the transport to or from risk areas or goods from risk areas.

Please note: 

Our transport companies and parcel services are exempt from liability in accordance with Section 426 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) if losses, damage or exceeding the delivery time are due to protective measures ordered by the sender, recipient or third party (in particular authorities). This applies in particular to possible driving bans in risk areas and specific dangers to driving staff from a corona virus infection.

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November 2020

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